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New CIO Starter Guide: 60+ Days (Toolkit)

By Frank Gump | June 19, 2020

With the role of CIO in full swing, effective leaders should have completed the first 60 days by following the previously outlined steps from orientation and reconnaissance in the first 30 days to vision and planning in the following 30 days.

New CIO Starter Guide (Toolkit)

By Frank Gump | June 17, 2020

While there are likely many steps that you want to take to dive headfirst into the position, there are few aspects you should keep in mind throughout your first few months as a CIO for the best experience.

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New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals

By Frank Gump | March 30, 2020

Once the initial 30 days have been completed in your journey as a new CIO, you should have completed the goals outlined in the previous articles and gained a deep understanding of the organization.

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New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals – Establishing Department Priorities

By Frank Gump | March 23, 2020

Now that the initial 30 days of your journey as a new CIO have been completed, there’s a good chance that you have a clear understanding of how the IT department is viewed at your organization.

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New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals – Identifying Your First Line Management Team

By Frank Gump | March 16, 2020

Much like you would find with any other management position, a CIO must surround himself or herself with a team to deliver on the goals and objectives that have been set.

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New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals – Setting the Tone and Vision

By Frank Gump | March 9, 2020

Demonstrating leadership and declaring a department mission is important as a CIO. Technical teams are often perceived as employees that take orders from the organization but feel otherwise disconnected from the overall business strategy.

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New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – What is the State of Your Team?

By Frank Gump | March 2, 2020

As a CIO, one of the core duties you will have is managing other team members and the performance you give at this can quickly determine your success or failure in a position.

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New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – What is the State of Your Technology?

By Frank Gump | February 24, 2020

The modern CIO role requires individuals to know the technology they are working with and knowing when it is time to push for new equipment or software to replace outdated options currently in use.

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New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – What Do They Expect From You?

By Frank Gump | February 17, 2020

Although the core facets of a new CIO job may have been outlined in a job description or the interview that followed an application, you may not truly know the reason the role is being filled.

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New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – Who’s Your Boss… Really

By Frank Gump | February 10, 2020

As a CIO, there’s a good chance that you already know who your boss is; however, the person you perceive to fulfill that role may not actually be the one that truly evaluates your performance.