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Does Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Have You Ready for Misfortune Or Are You Part of the Unprepared Majority?

By Matthew Maennche | October 3, 2016

Most organizations have in place what they consider to be a data center disaster recovery strategy and plan.  The stark reality, however is that few are actually ready for the worst, and many organizations are ill-prepared. From failure of a single application to the loss of the organization’s entire IT functionality, a plan should be…

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The Data Center Debate of Build vs. Buy: New Twists on a Traditional Data Center Quandary.

By Matthew Maennche | August 11, 2016

  In part 4 our series on IT infrastructure planning with Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting, the conversation turns to the age-old debate of “Build vs. Buy”. With virtualization now part of the equation and more data center data center leasing options, how have the fundamentals changed in considering whether to build and operate your…