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IT Contract Negotiations and Tracking

By Matthew Maennche | January 22, 2021

Although contract negotiations have not changed much in recent years, it is becoming much easier for two businesses or organizations to make faster and smarter decisions.

IT Governance

The Top 5 Reasons for IT Governance

By Matthew Maennche | January 15, 2021

Although the concept of IT governance may seem a little intimidating for the average person, it is a necessary component of any organizational plan to ensure that IT investments are actively supporting business objectives.

Edge Computing

10 Trends Affecting Digital Infrastructure & Operations: Edge Computing

By Matthew Maennche | December 8, 2020

Throughout history, Infrastructure and Operations was centered around building and managing self-contained data centers. During this time, however, new challenges became apparent as I&O leaders began to feel the need to leverage modern cloud services and external data centers to keep up with customer demands or internal needs.

Poor Contract Management

Impacts of Poor Contract Management

By Matthew Maennche | November 12, 2020

Poor contract management is one of the leading areas of loss for many businesses, often equating to as much as 9% of their total income. Because it is such an important facet of any business, mitigating the problems that come with mismanaged or neglected contracts is important.

Pen on the contract papers

What is the Cost of Poor Contract Management?

By Matthew Maennche | November 12, 2020

Contracts are unavoidable if you want to maintain a successful business. From purchasing needed products to selling your completed products or services, formal contracts that have been written out will generally be used for any agreements that you make.

Businessman Multitasking In Office

10 Trends Affecting Digital Infrastructure & Operations: Network Agility

By Matthew Maennche | November 10, 2020

Network agility is often defined as the speed at which networks can adapt to changes while still maintaining a high level of security, management simplicity and resiliency.

Data Center

10 Trends Affecting Digital Infrastructure and Operations: The Redefinition of the Data Center

By Matthew Maennche | October 27, 2020

In the past, any time a business would request new applications or services, IT organizations would have to determine how they would be able to build the application to fit into their existing architecture.

10 Trends Affecting Digital Infrastructure and Operations – New Roles for I&O

By Matthew Maennche | October 13, 2020

For most organizations, IT is often organized horizontally at the top, but the skills and traditional support constructs like applications, architectures, storage, servers, networks and desktops may be organized vertically.

10 Trends Affecting Digital Infrastructure & Operations: Talent Management

By Matthew Maennche | September 29, 2020

Modern talent management not only runs today’s technology but also spreads new concepts and technological advancements while relying on great leadership that can help promote change.

New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals

By Matthew Maennche | July 13, 2020

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you were recently offered a position as a new CIO at a company or, maybe, you just aspire to reach that level in the near future.