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Does Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Have You Ready for Misfortune Or Are You Part of the Unprepared Majority?

Most organizations have in place what they consider to be a data center disaster recovery strategy and plan. The stark reality, however is that few are actually ready for the worst, and many organizations are ill-prepared.


When a Data Center Disaster Strikes

Having a disaster recovery plan to deal with an unexpected IT infrastructure calamity is a significant focus in the data center industry, but what constitutes a data center disaster? Which major organizations have suffered these disasters?


Definitions of Various IT Infrastructure Terms Are Shifting as Consumption by End Users Grows and Evolves

Colocation, cloud, managed services, and outsourced services are among the IT infrastructure terms we’re all familiar with, but their definitions can change as technology evolves.


The Data Center Debate of Build vs. Buy: New Twists on a Traditional Data Center Quandary

In part 4 our series on IT infrastructure planning with Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting, the conversation turns to the age-old debate of “Build vs. Buy”.

Calculating Future Data Center Capacity Requirements

Calculating Future Data Center Capacity Requirements

IT infrastructure success cannot be achieved without accurately assessing future needs.   But as fast as infrastructure options, virtualization, and server capacity are changing, how can you calculate your future data center needs? What are the mistakes made by others that you need to avoid?


Cloud or Traditional Data Center Solutions? Strategies and Best Practices in Cloud Utilization, an Interview with Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting

A hasty decision to move to the cloud can lead to trouble. There needs to be a substantial, comprehensive process. What factors should your organization consider in that process?


How Does IT Impact Your Overall Data Center Strategy? What You Need to Know for a Data Center Consolidation.

A great many factors go into developing your organization’s data center strategy. There are numerous elements that influence future space, power, cooling, and compute needs. Those elements are different than they used to be, and continue to change. Not properly understanding your future needs can lead to significant problems, both operationally and financially.