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Excipio Consulting understands that the IT needs of healthcare are often drastically different from other industries. Between strict government oversight and the growing demand for innovative, new opportunities to provide better care, it is important for healthcare facilities to ensure they are providing the best care possible for their patients. To help this industry continue to succeed and serve local communities as effectively as possible, our team is committed to recommending the technology that can positively impact patient care and data confidentiality. If we find solutions that achieve that goal, we feel like we have achieved our mission.

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No two healthcare facilities have the same hardware or software requirements. That characteristic often makes it difficult for internal leaders to determine what infrastructure or software changes may be needed to provide the best experience possible for patients that require healthcare. Excipio Consulting works to ensure we are creating long-term partnerships with healthcare facilities to help them thrive in the modern digital age and continue to provide the best care possible in new and exciting ways. This is achieved by ensuring organizations in the healthcare industry have the service and solutions needed for the future.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

From small clinics to large hospitals, the healthcare industry is responsible for storing and maintaining a large amount of patient data. For this reason, it is no surprise that many of these healthcare facilities have become the target of cybercrime from criminals that want to obtain detailed patient information. The result is an ongoing fight that many of these facilities are unable to keep up with because they are not properly equipped to protect that data with modern cybersecurity solutions. Unfortunately, many of these IT problems in healthcare are not even noticed until they have already been breached and patient data has been lost.

Excipio Consulting can help audit existing IT systems to ensure patient data always remains safe and secure during persistent cyber threats. If vulnerabilities are found that could potentially be exploited by attackers, our team will be able to recommend the right hardware of software for your specific needs to ensure any holes in cybersecurity systems are patched and the threat of leaking patient data from a healthcare facility is mitigated appropriately. Instead of waiting for the inevitable data breach, Excipio can help with cybersecurity consulting to improve your IT systems and keep hackers and other malicious users away from confidential data.

Medical Hardware and Software Auditing

Although most healthcare facilities tend to divert their technology resources to new patient care machines, their legacy hardware and software systems could be leaving them vulnerable to malware. Even more pressing, many of the software solutions that hospitals and clinics use are no longer supported by manufacturers simply because they are often decades old. This problem is among one of the most pressing for medical facilities; however, it is often a simple fix that can be done rapidly when the proper medical hardware and software audit has been conducted.

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No two healthcare facilities will have the same needs when it comes to replacing or phasing out legacy hardware or software. After an audit of existing systems, Excipio Consulting can recommend future-proof solutions that ensure healthcare facilities can continue to focus on providing great patient care and upgrading their medical equipment without worrying about other hardware or software that may be utilized by desk staff. Our unique experience of auditing healthcare technology allows us to provide valuable insight to make hardware and software advancements efficient and more affordable for healthcare facilities that have fallen behind.

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In a perfect world, technology would not hinder the ability of patients to receive the best care possible and would ensure that their data is safe from prying eyes. From unreliable legacy equipment to insecure IT systems, healthcare facilities face many unique challenges. Excipio Consulting can work with any educational organization to create a customized support plan that works best for their goals and provide education as needed to ensure it is leveraged properly for the best outcome.

Remote Patient Care Consulting

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Following the spread of COVID-19, many healthcare facilities scrambled to implement new ways to provide remote patient care through telemedicine or video streaming services. As a new standard for medical patients, virtual care is something that every healthcare facility will need to provide in a relatively short amount of time. Unfortunately, these new systems and frameworks will often require an investment into new hardware or software solutions that not only provide an optimal patient experience but ensures patient data is always safe.

As a premier technology consulting provider, Excipio has helped organizations across countless industries find the perfect remote conference software for their unique needs – including healthcare facilities that must adapt quickly to changing patient care requirements. No matter what a facilities unique needs may be or what type of patient care they provide, our team can help audit your existing hardware and software to determine the best fit possible at an affordable price. As the new standard in patient care, no healthcare facility can afford to neglect to invest in this emerging technology.

Cloud Data Migrations

Many healthcare facilities have outdated ERP systems and must begin aggressive new planning to compete in the upcoming months and years. In many cases, this situation only leaves two distinct options: stick with a current ERP vendor and utilize next-generation cloud technologies or evaluate the current cloud ERP options available within the modern market to create a new partnership that fulfills their requirements. Without an audit to determine what systems can currently be utilized to fulfill new purposes and create a roadmap of needed technologies for the future, healthcare facilities may not be getting the best deal and most effective solution possible.

Excipio Consulting understands the unique complexities and hardware requirements surrounding modern cloud data migrations and can help healthcare facilities determine what new hardware or infrastructure may be required to reach those end goals. Our team can pinpoint infrastructure issues down to the hardware or software level to not only improve them but ensure they can provide continued support well into the future. If you are interested in migrating your ERP system to the cloud but still want modern cybersecurity solutions, Excipio Consulting is the partner you can trust to help.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Contact us to request a technology assessment to see where your healthcare facility stands. We can help you understand where you are currently at and identify how to meet the requirements needed to successfully serve patients with modern technologies and improve your overall cybersecurity strategy to preserve and protect sensitive patient data.