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Excipio Consulting provides a wide range of services for data centers to ensure that no technology or infrastructure issues hinder the ability for future expansion or continued satisfaction. Through our consulting services, data centers can quickly pinpoint strains on their existing systems and learn what new technologies can be implemented to ensure efficient operation into the future. If our team can recommend even one piece of technology to positively impact your daily tasks or help expand the services that are available to your customers, our mission has been accomplished.

  • Identify Requirements

  • Identify Ways to Save Costs

  • Build Comprehensive Roadmaps

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Organize and Manage Vendors

  • Provide Education to Team

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Set-up Best Practices

  • Simplified Billing Processes

By focusing on the unique needs that our data center clients have and ensuring the technology we suggest remains viable for the future, Excipio Consulting can ensure our clients are receiving much more than just IT Support. Our team works to create long-term partnerships with data centers to ensure they have the resources and support needed to compete for the future and continue providing reliable and effective services for their associated internal organizations or external customers. Although our consulting services may not be the most affordable option available to data centers, our commitment to providing the right solutions the first time ensures our clients get the service and solutions needed to adapt to changing infrastructure needs.

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Data Center Lifecycle Management

For data centers that are hoping to expand their existing infrastructure, open a new facility or consolidate, Excipio Consulting provides customized solutions to streamline processes, minimize common pain points and build strategies that mitigate risk and financial loss. With a thorough understanding of the data center’s technical state, our team can identify potential options that encourage short-term and long-term savings while also creating an unbiased, strategic roadmap to implement needed changes.

The need for fast and reliable data centers is more important than ever as many businesses begin expanding their digital strategies. Unfortunately, most data centers are not prepared for the emergence of cloud data systems, AI or other new trends that are constantly improving the services and applications used daily by a variety of industries. Excipio Consulting can audit your existing data center infrastructure and expand your technologies to not only meet the current needs of these clients but ensure you are prepared for any new technologies or infrastructure requirements that may be emerging.

Cloud Data Migrations

With the variety of cloud service types available, it is can often be hard for data centers to determine which options are the right fit for both their needs and the extended needs of the customers they serve. Although early cloud adopters have reaped great benefits, it is not too late for other data centers to begin transforming their infrastructure to include a variety of modern data storage solutions through cloud data migrations. Not only can data centers improve operational efficiency, but many of them see a reduction in overall costs by transferring data to the cloud or investing in hybrid cloud service infrastructures.

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As a platform-neutral consultant, Excipio can offer a completely unbiased analysis of a data centers current cloud capabilities. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients have the analysis needed to make informed decisions about their IT environment. Through cloud data migration services and verified data center consulting, we are our often our client’s best ally and trusted advisor. These characteristics and our unique insight into the requirements needed for successful data center migrations have made us the perfect partner for data centers across multiple industries including Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies or vertical market industries.

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Technology changes at a rapid pace and, unfortunately, it is easy for these same systems to create new problems that interfere with the customer experience data centers can provide. When data centers partner with Excipio Consulting, they unlock a full range of IT services and expertise that can be customized to meet the exact needs they may have. Excipio Consulting can work with data center to create a customized support plan that works best for their goals and provide education as needed to ensure it is leveraged properly for the best outcome.

Disaster Recovery Planning

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With the ongoing pandemic and natural disasters like fires, earthquakes or tropical storms becoming the norm, it is more important than ever for data centers to plan for outages or data loss before it becomes a problem. Unfortunately, many data centers do not have a plan in place to ensure they are able to recover from unforeseen technology outages. A successful disaster recovery plan is never easy; however, with the insight of Excipio Consulting, organizations are able to obtain a holistic look into their existing systems and determine what additional technologies or protocols may be required to make sure they are able to bounce back quickly.

Excipio Consulting’s disaster recovery planning services help data centers create a comprehensive, real-world, prioritized plan that includes precise documentation. Data centers are not immune from the damages caused by natural disasters and no two data centers have the same unique needs. That is why is important to work with an experienced disaster recovery planning consultant to pinpoint stress points and remove the risk of extensive downtimes. Although, even the most well-rounded disaster recovery plan will not eliminate the risk of minimal downtimes from occurring.

IT Administrative Services

Excipio Consulting offers a comprehensive range of IT Administrative Services to help data centers eliminate deficit spending and optimize service levels for customers. Many data centers lack the appropriate hardware and software to provide standardized services and typically overpay for these services. Through IT administrative services from Excipio Consulting, data centers can leverage their budget appropriately by lowering capital expenditures and relieving staff pressure to support diverse infrastructure and software requirements. This is particularly important for data centers that are attempting to realign service levels and expand the service offerings they provide internally or externally.

Having a technology assessment and advancement plan in place is critical for modern data centers to fulfill the overall needs required by their own organizations or the customers that they serve. Excipio Consulting can help take the guesswork out of a solid data center technology plan that not only improves existing processes but ensures the integration of new technologies do not cause disruptions. If you are ready to learn more about our IT administrative services and the ways they can positively impact your data center, we encourage you to request a technology assessment today from our experienced and qualified consultants.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Contact us to request a technology assessment to see where your data center stands. We can help you understand where you are currently at and identify how to meet the requirements needed to successfully expand services or meet the growing need for advanced hardware and software capabilities.