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Excipio Consulting understands that organizations in the financial services industry often need specialized IT solutions that not only ensure security measures are in place but also allow employees to accurately complete their daily tasks. Our goal is to ensure that any technology issues that may be hindering your financial services business are dealt with quickly and efficiently so you can better serve your clients and continue providing the great service they expect. If our team can recommend technology that will positively impact either your clients' experience or help your employees complete their jobs safer and easier, we feel we have achieved our mission. 

  • Identify Requirements

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  • Build Comprehensive Roadmaps

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Organize and Manage Vendors

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  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Set-up Best Practices

  • Simplified Billing Processes

By working to achieve the unique goals of our financial services clients through specialized technologies and software, Excipio Consulting is more than just a typical IT Support provider. We strive to create long-term partnerships with financial services organizations to ensure they have future-proof solutions that will not only improve security but also simplify the day-to-day operations that their processes require. Although we may not be the least expensive option available, we believe that you deserve access to solutions and services that you are entitled to and work hard to provide customized solutions that may not be available anywhere else. 


IT Infrastructure

As an industry that depends on stable security solutions, many organizations in the financial services industry fail to account for the impact technology has on the success of their business. Unfortunately, this means that most financial organizations are still relying on outdated IT infrastructures and hardware they have obtained through bargain bins, acquisitions or mergers while executives use IT as the first option when cuts are needed. Excipio Consulting can help financial services organizations find cost-effective solutions that will improve cybersecurity and improve IT infrastructure to solve many common technology issues the industry faces. 

Having a solid IT infrastructure in place can also help improve the customer experience to provide deeper insights and more in-depth reports for clients and the employees that are serving them. At the same time, a strong cybersecurity focus can help accelerate threat response times and improve fraud detection before it becomes a larger issue. However, without investing in future-proof IT infrastructure, financial services organizations likely aren’t meeting these needs regularly and may be falling behind the competition that is actively working with modern technology to expand or improve their client experience. 

Regulatory Compliance

IT challenges in the financial services industry often surpass infrastructure and security needs due to the involvement of regulatory agencies and the challenges they present. While regulatory compliance is often in place to protect clients, the demands agencies make can often make it hard for financial services organizations to follow without the assistance of modern technologies. With the right software and hardware solutions in place, financial companies can comply with a variety of industry and government regulations that must be met under daily operating procedures without taking time away from other aspects of the business that need attention. 


While legislation is constantly evolving to better protect the clients of the financial service industry, maintaining high cybersecurity standards and working with manual data collection and analytics systems can help prepare most organizations for any future changes that may occur. At the same time, these systems can also automate many crucial processes that would otherwise require technology officers to manually review data to maintain regulatory compliance. As a trusted IT consulting partner, Excipio Consulting can audit your existing systems and find improvements that improve regulatory compliance. 

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In the modern world, it is easy for technology to interfere with the existing processes that financial services organizations are trying to utilize. From unreliable systems to dated hardware, many burdens could be negatively impacting the experience that both clients and employees are having. When these organizations partner with financial services consulting partners like Excipio, they have access to a full range of IT services and expertise that can be customized to their exact needs. Excipio Consulting can work with any financial services organization to create a customized support plan that works best for their goals and provide education as needed to ensure it is leveraged properly for the best outcome. 

Big Data


Analytics and the implementation of big data allow financial services organizations to leverage a variety of new ways to learn more about their clients through news feeds, consumer databases or even social media. With this data, financial services organizations are then able to provide a more personalized experience for the clients and give them access to the services that they need the most. However, some caveats should be kept in mind whenever an organization in the financial services industry chooses to pursue big data. 

Many modern consumers are leery when their personal information is being leveraged by companies to further determine what services they are most likely in need of or would want to utilize. In addition to this, big data can be incredibly difficult for some companies to leverage because of the amount of data it provides unless they have a specific use for it. Excipio Consulting can help determine the right approach for financial services businesses to help them collect powerful analytical data that can then be used by a specialist or team for the most impact. 

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Digital Transitions

To stay competitive in the industry, financial services organizations are increasingly beginning to shift to digital. While most banking institutions have already implemented ways for clients to complete their banking online, the real power behind these solutions is the technology and infrastructure that is in place. And, although these trends are removing the need for increasingly expensive for brick-and-mortar locations, they also improve the number of customers that can be served simultaneously, no matter where they might be. But, how do you ensure that your employees are also able to continue to provide these services if they are remote? 

Excipio Consulting can help by reviewing your existing systems and determining what improvements may be needed to help manage remote workers, improve uptimes and create secure connections. Modern financial services organizations must keep up with trends to survive. Unfortunately, not transitioning to digital is no longer a luxury. If you are ready to learn what is possible and the steps you should take next, our team is here to help simplify the process. 

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Contact us to request a technology assessment to see where your financial services organization stands. We can help you understand where you are currently at and identify how to meet the requirements needed to successfully move your business into the future.