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Excipio Consulting provides a wide range of services for educational institutions from K-12 to the collegiate level. Our goal is to ensure that any technology issues that are hindering the learning process are dealt with quickly and efficiently so our clients can get back to what is important: molding the minds of the future. If our team will recommend technology that will positively impact your student’s experience or help teachers explain concepts more clearly, we feel we have achieved our mission.

  • Identify Requirements

  • Identify Ways to Save Costs

  • Build Comprehensive Roadmaps

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Organize and Manage Vendors

  • Provide Education to Team

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Set-up Best Practices

  • Simplified Billing Processes

By caring for our education client’s unique needs, and providing specialized value to their organization, Excipio Consulting is much more than just investing in IT Support. We work to create long-term partnerships with schools to ensure they are prepared for the future and have the technology in place to thrive. And, while we may not be the least expensive option available, we are committed to ensuring that our educational clients are getting the service and solutions they deserve.


K-12 Education Consulting

As teaching methodologies continue to expand and technology becomes more prevalent in the modern school, it is more important than ever for K12 school administrations to ensure their students and staff have access to the appropriate solutions needed to improve the learning process. Excipio Consulting can help schools leverage the strength and power of modern technological solutions to not only improve the ability of teachers to explore new concepts and ideas but also help meet the academic needs of a student base that is reliant on technology. 

Digital learning has become more common than ever before within the educational system. As students become more reliant on technology to learn or complete assignments, K12 school systems need to ensure they are upgrading existing technologies to accommodate these new learning environments. Excipio Consulting can help audit your existing systems and help expand your technology to not only meet the current needs of teachers and students but also ensure you are prepared for the future and new technologies that may be developing. 

Higher Education Consulting

While online classes are nothing new for higher education, new technologies are constantly shifting the learning and teaching methods of higher education to better explore complex subjects and improve the learning process for students. Excipio Consulting provides higher education consulting services to help steer the future technology that institutions have in place on their campuses to meet the needs of students and teachers while also ensuring your legacy systems aren’t hindering the learning process or experience. 

From community colleges to Division 1 universities, no two campuses have the same needs when attempting to create an optimal learning environment. This is what makes working with an experienced and knowledgeable consulting team so important. After an audit of your existing technologies and systems, we can help determine what upgrades may be needed to better serve your students and staff and provide future-proof solutions that ensure you are scrambling for technology upgrades sooner than expected. Our broad-experience with higher education allows us to provide valuable insight to make college and university technology advancements affordable and more efficient. 


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EdTech Consulting

Ready to Learn More?

In the modern world, it is easy for technology to interfere with the learning process that an institution is attempting to create. From unreliable systems to dated hardware, many burdens could be negatively impacting the experience that is being provided. When these organizations partner with education consulting partners like Excipio, they have access to a full range of IT services and expertise that can be customized to meet their exact needs. Excipio Consulting can work with any educational organization to create a customized support plan that works best for their goals and provide education as needed to ensure it is leveraged properly for the best outcome.

Campus-Wide Network Infrastructure

Students walk in university campus using tablets and phone

Many academic environments encompass several buildings and may span an entire sprawling campus. As a side-effect, it can be difficult for schools or educational institutions to provide fast and secure networks and even more challenging to implement and maintain them. Excipio Consulting can help deploy modern network infrastructures for educational institutions and schools to enable seamless connectivity campus-wide and ongoing access to school resources for students and teachers.

If you are using physical, wireless or cloud-based technologies for a school or educational institution, reliability should be the primary focus, so students and staff can effectively collaborate with hindrance. Excipio Consulting offers unparalleled support for schools that need their network to work round-the-clock with minimal disturbance. Our team can help pinpoint the cause of downtime to provide technological solutions that increase user satisfaction and eliminate common costly or frustrating issues.

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Network Security

  • Fast Support

  • Elasticity

EdTech Consulting

Like any other industry, educational institutions and schools need to have a clear view of not only their technological needs in the present but also a vision of the future. Through EdTech Consulting services, Excipio can help determine the best path forward through the adoption of new technologies if needed based on the school’s goals and provide resource planning services for new programs or projects that the institution wants to implement. As IT educators, our team can not only provide the implementation for the technical aspects of a designated plan but can also help train the staff on how to use new technologies effectively.

Having a tech advancement plan in place is critical for any school that wants to compete for the future. Excipio consulting can help determine any system vulnerabilities that may be present while also helping schools prioritize their funds and create an IT budget that provides maximum impact and support. Our team can help take the guesswork out of a solid education technology infrastructure by providing a customized plan to improve processes and integrate new technologies will little disruption. Request a technology assessment today to see how Excipio Consulting continues to help improve education.

  • IT Budgeting

  • Expert Security Guidance

  • Tailored Recommendations


Not Sure Where to Start?

Contact us to request a technology assessment to see where your educational institution stands. We can help you understand where you are currently at and identify how to meet the requirements needed to successfully create a virtual learning experience.