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Data Centers

Excipio Consulting provides a wide range of services for data centers to ensure that no technology or infrastructure issues hinder the ability for future expansion or continued satisfaction. Through our consulting services, data centers can quickly pinpoint strains on their existing systems and learn what new technologies can be implemented to ensure efficient operation into the future. If our team can recommend even one piece of technology to positively impact your daily tasks or help expand the services that are available to your customers, our mission has been accomplished.

Excipio Consulting for Education

Excipio Consulting provides a wide range of services for educational institutions from K-12 to the collegiate level. Our goal is to ensure that any technology issues that are hindering the learning process are dealt with quickly and efficiently so our clients can get back to what is important: molding the minds of the future. If our team will recommend technology that will positively impact your student’s experience or help teachers explain concepts more clearly, we feel we have achieved our mission.

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Excipio Consulting for Financial Services

Excipio Consulting understands that organizations in the financial services industry often need specialized IT solutions that not only ensure security measures are in place but also allow employees to accurately complete their daily tasks. Our goal is to ensure that any technology issues that may be hindering your financial services business are dealt with quickly and efficiently so you can better serve your clients and continue providing the great service they expect. If our team can recommend technology that will positively impact either your clients' experience or help your employees complete their jobs safer and easier, we feel we have achieved our mission.

Health Care

Excipio Consulting understands that the IT needs of healthcare are often drastically different from other industries. Between strict government oversight and the growing demand for innovative, new opportunities to provide better care, it is important for healthcare facilities to ensure they are providing the best care possible for their patients. To help this industry continue to succeed and serve local communities as effectively as possible, our team is committed to recommending the technology that can positively impact patient care and data confidentiality.

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Industry Experience

Excipio’s experience crosses a wide variety of industries. This provides additional value to our clients, as we are able to draw upon the best practices of multiple organizations and industries. It is our experience that technology remains relatively similar across the industries. The processes are the primary variable, which are impacted by the experiences of the client’s staff, the client’s internal business practices, and applicable regulatory restrictions.

About Us

Excipio is a collection of former CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and VPs who have been handpicked based on their experience executing: consolidation, mergers, transition to outsourcers, and extreme market growth scenarios. This team has a rare combination of technical, organizational, and financial skills. Excipio’s elite team allows us to deliver extraordinary results at considerably less cost than our principal competitors, creating unprecedented value to our clients.

Since 1999, Excipio's clients include a variety of Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and vertical market industries. Excipio’s proven Economic Analysis Modeling and Methodology (EAMM®) process and toolset provide clients with a comprehensive analysis by which the client can make highly informed technical strategy decisions. EAMM® provides the basis for accurate performance and financial analysis, risk assessment, and solid technical recommendations.

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“Our engagement with Excipio was very positive. Excipio was able to accomplish within 3 years what we as an enterprise could not accomplish on our own over an 8 year span. We found that the expertise of the Excipio staff assisted us in a better understanding of the market, available options in technology, and encouraged us to look at new innovative approaches to our delivery of technology services. The Excipio team not only offered consulting services but also worked alongside our staff implementing the solutions as well as offering training when needed. Excipio went above and beyond to make sure we had overall success as well as realizing needed cost reductions. “

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