Excipio Solution Suite

Excipio provides current-state assessment, change impact strategies and future-state designs. Whether your IT operations are in-house or externally sourced, our solution suite can be configured to provide the critical executive-support information necessary to manage the business impact of change.
Data Center LifeCycle Management

DCLM may include the study of data center health, facility and operations improvement recommendations, data center consolidation/migration, as well as helping clients transform to strategic cloud computing solutions.

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Enterprise Operations Review

Our Enterprise Operations Review involves a comprehensive analysis to assess your organization’s entire technology structure including: IT Administration reviews, Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Center Operations, and Vendor Management.

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Disaster Recovery

Focuses on the ability of an organization to recover from a technology outage. This may be a single technology or a catastrophic event. Excipio has developed a proven process to identify and rank the critical technology services in the organization. Excipio then completes a risk, operational compliance, business impact analysis and develops a strategy to recover from a disaster.

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Vendor Management

Most services have contracts, but who keeps up with them? With Vendor Management, we help our clients leverage, consolidate, and negotiate the best contracts that lead to an average savings of 10-20%.

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Why Choose Us?

Industry Experience

Excipio’s experience crosses a wide variety of industries. This provides additional value to our clients, as we are able to draw upon the best practices of multiple organizations and industries. It is our experience that technology remains relatively similar across the industries. The processes are the primary variable, which are impacted by the experiences of the client’s staff, the client’s internal business practices, and applicable regulatory restrictions.


About Us

Excipio is a collection of former CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and VPs who have been handpicked based on their experience executing: consolidation, mergers, transition to outsourcers, and extreme market growth scenarios. This team has a rare combination of technical, organizational, and financial skills. Excipio’s elite team allows us to deliver extraordinary results at considerably less cost than our principal competitors, creating unprecedented value to our clients.

Since 1999, Excipio’s clients include a variety of Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and vertical market industries. Excipio’s proven Economic Analysis Modeling and Methodology (EAMM®) process and toolset provide clients with a comprehensive analysis by which the client can make highly informed technical strategy decisions. EAMM® provides the basis for accurate performance and financial analysis, risk assessment, and solid technical recommendations.

Our engagement with Excipio was very positive. Excipio was able to accomplish within 3 years what we as an enterprise could not accomplish on our own over an 8 year span. We found that the expertise of the Excipio staff assisted us in a better understanding of the market, available options in technology, and encouraged us to look at new innovative approaches to our delivery of technology services. The Excipio team not only offered consulting services but also worked alongside our staff implementing the solutions as well as offering training when needed. Excipio went above and beyond to make sure we had overall success as well as realizing needed cost reductions. “

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