The human elements whether technical, administrative or managerial represent the critical link between your enterprise customers and the IT operating environment.  IT operations are often improperly staffed do to technology demands, budgeting, volume constraints and business changes.  Given the capital investment, operating costs, and impact on operations, improved strategies and management of IT resources is an untapped opportunity for most organizations to improve service delivery.

Our Scope for technical resources transformation includes;

  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Customer Relations Experience
  • Evaluation of Contact Center, Help Desk, Service Desk
  • Organizational Structure
    • Staffing Model
    • Compensation History
    • Team Work and Collaboration
    • Management Maturity
  • Operating Processes and Risk Exposure
  • Governance and Compliance

Our Approach consists of project processes, decision support methodology, surveys and analytics to determine;

  • Current state assessment, benchmark comparisons
  • Future state strategies
  • Next steps, change plans and
  • Follow-on sustainability

Download Application Management Soution Brief (PDF)

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Example Technical Resources Study