Service Offering Management

Background Service offering management is your menu or catalog of services provided to the end-user community. This defines the extent of your IT capabilities, policies, service levels, price-point and support commitment.

The development and administration of a service catalog requires significant insight into application requirements, technology infrastructure, cost allocations, terms-of-service arrangements and performance-support commitments.

Typically, IT management and staff do not have the depth and breadth skills to analyze these disciplines and develop the service offering commitments required to fulfill end-user requirements.

Given the operating costs and impact on business operations, improved strategies and management of service offerings is an untapped opportunity for most organizations to improve service delivery.

Our Scope for service offering management includes;

  • Service catalog description and availability
  • Customer Support Services
  • Cost Recovery Definition and Process
  • Service Level Agreement and Measurement
  • Disaster Recovery, Security and Integrity
  • Request Process


Download Service Offering Management Soution Brief (PDF)

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