Client Examples

  • Issue: The client was funding personal computers that were out-of-date, had securitty risks, and providing significant support issues which was frustrating the work force.
  • Result: Client transform to a strategy eliminating outdated equiptment, security risks, and provided hight end-user satisfaction.
  • Issue: The Client no longer had access to significant amounts of captial to invest into technology and the assets had fallen out of date due to funding being utilized for other projects.
  • Result: Elimination of a capital investment and transformed to pay-for-use model allowing replacement of outdated technology with current operating expense funds.


Many clients have a need to quickly gain a better understanding of their end-user services environment. The reasons for this are many, but may include:

  • Desire of leadership to gain understanding of overall end-user processes and enterprise viewpoint
  • Reorganization, mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures
  • Need to define opportunity for consolidation or optimization of IT
  • Financial justification

Approach and Solutions

When conducting an End-user Review, Excipio applies its proven EAMM® process, and methodology which includes:

  • True current state assessment
    • Hardware/software
    • Service Levels
    • Refresh lifecycle
    • Lease/own assets
  • Comparative benchmark analysis
  • Future state strategies
  • Transformation plans
    • Internal Support
    • External Support
    • Disposition services
  • On-going quality assurance

Client Benefits

  • Thorough understanding of their end-user environment’s true technical, business, and financial current state
  • Identification of potential options for short and long term cost savings
  • Strategy which meets all client requirements
  • A comprehensive, unbiased, strategic roadmap to implement changes
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