Migration Planning

Excipio will use its experience with other clients and partners to ensure the Client is properly prepared to execute a migration between facilities or service providers. First, we will provide an analysis of the migration strategies to define the hardware, support, risks, and timelines involved

Data Center Migration Planning Services

  • Identifying the hardware inventories for the application
  • Ensuring sufficient capacity exists in the new facility
  • Assist in laying out the new facility for current needs and future growth
  • Determine the impact of planned projects on the infrastructure (consolidation, virtualization, new solutions, etc.)
  • Mapping of application dependencies to the specific hardware and databases, as well as interfaces or dependencies with other applications

Migration Oversight

  • Create and manage the overall migration schedule
  • Create and mange move groups based upon the application mapping
  • Ensure all target hardware is installed, configured, tested, and available
  • Ensure all migration steps are documented and have appropriate back-out plans
  • Manage regular meetings and communications with technical leads and executives