Client Examples

  • Issue: The client had no idea on what business services were most critical to the business and what was the right amount to invest for a recovery solution
  • Result: Defines what is and is not actually needed for the client’s DR solution so the client spends only what is required

  • Issue: The client could not meet their compliance and regulatory requirements due to the inability to recover
  • Result: The client was able to recover from a single failure to a complete outage and avoided tens of millions of dollars in fines or loss of funding.

  • Issue: The client was at high risk of financial loss from their customers in the event of an outage.
  • Result: The client was now able to identify and understand the risk of a failure and its impact on their customers.

Approach and Solutions

Disaster recovery (DR) focuses on the ability of an organization to recover from a technology outage. This can be loss of a single technology or a catastrophic event. The following are examples of solutions Excipio provides around disaster recovery.

  • True current state inventory assessment
  • Review existing disaster recovery plans
  • Document dependencies between applications and supporting infrastructure
  • Risk and prioritization study
  • Business operational compliance
  • Disaster recovery management software
  • External vendor solutions (data center, cloud, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery request for proposal (RFP)
  • Disaster Recovery Technical Implementation Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Application Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Plan
  • Overall Company Plan
  • Ongoing testing

Download Disaster Recovery Solution Brief (PDF)

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Application Dependency Mapping

Compliance and Regulations