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Excipio Solution Suite

Excipio Solution Suite

Excipio Solution Suite

Excipio provides current-state assessment, change impact strategies and future-state designs. Whether your IT operations are in-house or externally sourced, our solution suite can be configured to provide the critical executive-support information necessary to manage the business impact of change.


Enterprise Operations Review: An operations review involves an assessment of the organization's entire technology structure.

Data Center Lifecycle Management (DCLM): DCLM may include the study of data center health, facility and operations improvement recommendations, data center consolidation/migration, as well as helping clients transform to strategic cloud computing solutions.

Application Management / Cloud: The study considers the number of applications performing the same function, identifies gaps and which applications are useful, or need replacement, as well as helping clients migrate applications to strategic cloud computing solutions.

Disaster Recovery: Focuses on the ability of an organization to recover from a technology outage. This may be a single technology or a catastrophic event. Excipio has developed a proven process to identify and rank the critical technology services in the organization. Excipio then completes a risk, operational compliance, business impact analysis and develops a strategy to recover from a disaster.

End User Services: Focuses on productivities/effectiveness of client's ability to service IT end-users, identifies areas to improve, and all levels of support for dispatching a resource to resolve a hardware/software incident.

Network Management: All aspects of a network and communications environment are inspected for efficiencies and completeness, filling gaps, and new technologies to replace old or perform new capabilities.

Technology Resources: Review of enabling IT environment/resources for gaps, recommends how new enabling technologies can impact the business, assesses people and processes to recommend training.

Service Offering Management: Focuses on helping organizations develop a shared services technology solution. A company's technology service offerings are examined and assembled into a service catalog which contains a logical format for the shared services organization.