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CIO Roundtable Events CIO Roundtable Events
Our consultants present at numerous CxO seminars due to their breadth and depth of experience regarding IT strategies and technologies. As our consultants are consistently working with CxO executives, our speakers have the necessary skills to effectively communicate and educate the audience. Some of the most common topics include:

• Reducing IT costs without impacting service
• Data center efficiency and consolidation
• Data center build, rent, or buy
• Equipment lifecycle management
• Understanding cloud computing

Industry Collaboration Events
Our consultants attend and often speak at industry events, Critical Facilities Summit is an example of one of these events. Topics are similar to those above in the CIO Roundtable Events.

For more information about Excipio's seminars, please Contact [email protected]

Staff Education
Our clients also ask us to provide education on specific topics to their internal staffs. In most cases, the CIO or Director is looking to instill new ideas and cultivate innovative thinking. Our consultants can lead or facilitate discussions around any of the topics discussed on our Solutions page.

"Data Center Consolidation: A Roadmap," featuring David Hutchison of Excipio Consulting, offers facility managers a roadmap for planning a data center consolidation. Click here

Build vs. Buy
For more information about the Data Center Decisions: Build Versus Buy seminar click here