Medical Provider: Cloud Strategy


The client was running multiple solutions for their email and collaboration platforms. The client desired to evaluate the cost and operational impact of consolidating the multiple on-premise software tools into an enterprise cloud solution. The goals were to produce a hard dollar analysis that clearly identified the capital and operating requirements of a solution that met the business needs. As the client did not have an adequate disaster recovery solution, the assessment included a high-level DR plan and associated costs in the comparison of the current state versus all potential solutions.

Cloud Migration Storage


Excipio analysts worked with the client by performing the following steps:

  • Conduct a review of current state capabilities, risk, and costs
  • Interviewed business leaders to determine requirements and any currently unmet needs
  • Assessed the infrastructure and determined 100+ servers for migration to a cloud provider
  • Constructed user profiles and aligned software licensing practices to avoid unnecessary licensing costs
  • Compared the current state to potential future state options

Client Benefit

  • The best option reduced costs by 54%
  • The creation of user profiles identified a cost savings opportunity of $500,000+ annually
  • The recommended option was a cloud solution with a robust disaster recovery solution, which negated the need for the client to develop an independent DR solution
  • The cloud-based solution eliminated staff labor for software updates and upgrades
  • The client gained excess capacity in the data center, which extended the life of the facility