Large Financial Institute: Data Center Migration

Work Performed

The client engaged Excipio to evaluate their current data center strategy, which resulted in a decision to migrate from two data centers to two new facilities. The complexity of this migration incorporated not only the client but also its customers which included Fortune 500 companies. The migrations required execution with zero interruption to their customers. Excipio provided an analysis of migration strategies explaining the hardware, support, risks, and timelines to migrate the workloads. Based on the value demonstrated, Excipio was asked to oversee the migration over 18 months. The migration included the workloads, dedicated client data circuits, updates to disaster recovery plans and, changes to CMDB documentation.

Meeting in office

Project Benefits

  • Both migrations completed on time and budget
  • Completion of detailed planning and migration documentation
  • Successful design and migration of network and 600 data circuits to the new data center
  • Migration of three thousand plus production servers with no failures or downtime
  • Migration of fifteen hundred plus non-production servers over six months with no failures or downtime