Disaster Recovery


Excipio conducted a disaster recovery assessment for a large, public sector client and its 70 agencies.

The scope of the study included:

  • Assessment of the all of client agency’s data centers, current agency disaster recovery plans for promoting the continuity of customer entities’ applications and systems, a statute examination, critical gap analysis, remediation recommendation, and a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Critical business function analysis, definition of criticalities, risk, compliance, impact analysis, priority ranking of critical applications, requirements definition for DR software tool, infrastructure requirements for DR data center, creation of application and infrastructure recovery plans, tabletop and functional testing.
  • Implementation of disaster recovery plans for critical applications and infrastructure with urgent and high prioritization including the disaster recovery plan software tool purchased by the organization. Project management and implementation of the disaster recovery data center.
Business people planning work
Business people planning work

Client Benefit

Continuity of customer entities applications and systems in the event of a disaster.