Contract Management


The Basics of a Good IT Contract

By Matthew Maennche | February 10, 2021

It is not uncommon for many technology and IT suppliers to have a standard contract that outlines the terms and conditions of their partnership with an organization or business.


IT Contract Negotiations and Tracking

By Matthew Maennche | January 22, 2021

Although contract negotiations have not changed much in recent years, it is becoming much easier for two businesses or organizations to make faster and smarter decisions.

Poor Contract Management

Impacts of Poor Contract Management

By Matthew Maennche | November 12, 2020

Poor contract management is one of the leading areas of loss for many businesses, often equating to as much as 9% of their total income. Because it is such an important facet of any business, mitigating the problems that come with mismanaged or neglected contracts is important.

Pen on the contract papers

What is the Cost of Poor Contract Management?

By Matthew Maennche | November 12, 2020

Contracts are unavoidable if you want to maintain a successful business. From purchasing needed products to selling your completed products or services, formal contracts that have been written out will generally be used for any agreements that you make.