Cloud Migration

Benefits of the Cloud

By Matthew Maennche | April 28, 2021

While cloud computing has been around for approximately two decades, a large portion of businesses continue to operate without it. However, an increasing number of tech-savvy companies recognize the many benefits and claim faster revenue growth than their competitors.

Moving to the Cloud: Overcoming Skill Shortage

By Matthew Maennche | April 27, 2021

While migrating to the cloud provides massive opportunities for many businesses, making a move can be a logistically complex process that requires unique skills and knowledge to ensure technical challenges can be overcome. Unfortunately, finding individuals with cloud expertise is rarely an easy experience due to increased demand.

Moving to the Cloud: Overcoming Adoption Resistance

By Matthew Maennche | April 23, 2021

The success of a cloud migration often hinges on the human element. No matter what preparations an organization has made, adoption resistance and an unwillingness for employees or other members of management to change will ultimately result in failure.

Moving to the Cloud: Overcoming Financial Challenges

By Matthew Maennche | April 20, 2021

The business landscape is changing in modern times, and organizations now have to account for remote workers, diverse office locations, and countless tools and software options. While this may signify that newer, better opportunities are on the horizon, it also creates new challenges for business leaders and struggling IT departments that find it challenging to keep up with fast-paced technology requirements.

Migrating You Data to the Cloud

By Matthew Maennche | August 18, 2020

Although the process can be a little overwhelming, remaining competitive as a business often requires modern solutions, and this includes the data center.

Cloud Migration Storage

5 Things You Need to Know Before Planning A Cloud Migration

By Matthew Maennche | December 14, 2019

While migrating solutions to the cloud can be helpful, it is often a large undertaking that can have drastic consequences if it doesn’t go smoothly. migrations will leave little room for error, and it is important to have the appropriate risk management solutions in place.

man in server room installing new hardware

Cloud Migration: Should You Even Consider?

By Matthew Maennche | December 14, 2019

While the number of businesses moving their data to the cloud continues to grow, it may not be the best decision for every business. According to the most recent data available, nearly 81% percent of businesses are using cloud-based solutions and that number is only expected to grow. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of moving your data through cloud migration and some of the things you should keep in mind while you consider the switch.