Disaster recovery plan with cloud database backup storage
Description: Craft a bulletproof disaster recovery plan with our expert guidance. Protect your business from IT disasters and ensure continuity. Excipio Consulting has the solution for you.
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Advanced IT operations control room showing AI, cloud computing, and cybersecurity analytics on large screens
Learn how AI, DevOps, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are transforming IT operations. Visit Excipio Consulting to discover major themes influencing the future of the tech industry.
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Benefits of vendor contract management
Visit Excipio Consulting to learn about the advantages of vendor contract management, such as increased productivity, financial savings, and solid vendor relationships.
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Two happy diverse professional business men and IT Professional shaking hands after successful meeting
Check our IT Contract Management guide, which includes information on costs and consequences. Learn how to recognize indicators that you need expert assistance and how to maximize your approach.
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Data center maintenance
Preventive maintenance during the fall is about mitigating risks, avoiding system failures, and safeguarding data against loss.
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With the role of CIO in full swing, influential leaders should have completed the first 60 days by following the previously outlined steps from orientation and reconnaissance in the first 30 days to vision and planning in the following 30 days. Now that these steps have been completed, a new CIO will need to dig...
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As the new CIO, your first 60 days in the role are critical for making an impact and setting the tone for your department.
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The initial 30 days as a new CIO is a crucial period because it is when the CIO establishes relationships and trust with their team and develops a strategy for the IT department.
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