What is Multicloud?


The explosion of cloud-based computing has given businesses a chance to expand their infrastructure and services exponentially. At its most basic level, a cloud is a collection of servers that customers can access through an internet-connected device. Each of these public clouds is controlled and managed by a service provider. In a multi-cloud system, multiple public clouds are utilized simultaneously – often…

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What is Serverless Computing?

Server racks in computer network

Although serverless computing is the latest and greatest in the technology world, the serverless concept has been around in some form or another for over a decade. Serverless, a cloud computing execution model, offers computing resources on demand while offloading all responsibility for common infrastructure management tasks to cloud providers and tools.   One major advantage of…

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What Is the Network Layer?

Network Layer

The Internet is made possible by network-to-network connections. To achieve this, the “network layer” is utilized to facilitate communications at the points where these connections occur – often sending packets of data between different networks to send or receive information. As layer 3 of the 7-year OSI model, the network layer includes the Internet Protocol (IP) and other…

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What is the Cloud?

Cloud Files

In basic terms, the cloud is the Internet, but more specifically, it is all the things you can access remotely over the Internet. When something is stored in the cloud, it simply means it is stored on Internet servers instead of your computer’s local hard drive or a local server. Made up of servers in…

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