How Many Data Centers Are Too Many?

Did you know that nearly 600 zettabytes of new data get created annually? Although this number may already seem incredibly large, it is actually around 200% more traffic than current data centers were able to process in 2018. But how many data centers are too many and how many data centers should businesses be working with to ensure the best results? 

From the surface, it can be challenging to envision a broad range of IT services without investing in the infrastructure solutions provided by various partners; or taking the expensive plunge and creating in-house data centers. While there is a broad range of choices currently available, including modern hybrid and cloud-based options, the overall goal for businesses should be to look for consolidation among data center service providers wherever possible.  

Factors Influencing the Need for Data Centers 

One core factor that should be kept in mind while choosing data center partners is their ability to ensure reliability. Data centers are often built to provide 24/7 service quickly, although these uptimes will require a significant IT support level among both hardware and software components. Most modern data centers will have stable and uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, and connections to external networks as needed to accommodate these goals. 

Many businesses will place their total confidence in data centers to meet their unique IT requirements among modern business models. While data centers are becoming more accommodating to the wide range of services needed by these businesses, a single provider may not be able to provide the level of assistance required on their own. This will often lead to outsourcing through another provider or requiring businesses to split their IT services among different data centers. 

According to most experts, keeping data center partnerships to a minimum of around two seems to be the sweet spot for most businesses. In addition to enhanced service offerings, this also allows a business to improve their backup plan if a disaster occurs that could impact their data or ability to utilize critical services. That is why data centers play an unmistakable role in a business’s ability to reach its own IT specifications. 

Data centers provide much more than just a safe and secure facility to store data. For this reason, they have quickly become an invaluable resource that functions as an external extension of a business’s IT team. If a business struggles to determine the best way to consolidate its services from data centers, working with a group of consultants that understand needed technologies may be beneficial.  

How Can Excipio Consulting Help? 

Determining the right data centers to partner with based on a business’s unique goals may seem daunting; however, the benefits are immense. Working with a team of expert IT consultants can help determine what additional services may be needed to provide the best service possible to internal parties or external parties that the organization may serve. If you are interested in learning more about Excipio Consulting’s services, please call our corporate office at (918) 357-5507.

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