What Does “Desktop as a Service” Mean?

It is no secret that most modern organizations are looking for an alternative to traditional desktop deployment models. Unfortunately, when IT administrators have to install an operating system and the needed applications on each employee device, it can quickly become a time-consuming, expensive project. As these organizations take a new approach to provide these services for employees, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is becoming more widespread.  

With the right Desktop as a Service model, organizations can easily give their employees convenient and reliable access to any needed applications or data across many different devices. Simultaneously, these systems can also improve data security for sensitive information while reducing expenses and streamlining productivity. But what is Desktop as a Service and what other benefits might it provide organizations trying to become “leaner” while maintaining efficiency? 

What is Desktop as a Service? 

The DaaS model revolutionizes the way complete virtual desktop environments are delivered to users. Not only does this provide a dedicated operating system and files, but it also stores user preferences – all from a cloud-based server. To achieve this, these desktops are running on virtual machines installed directly on servers provided by a cloud-based service. Once available, these desktops can be accessed from various devices aside from traditional laptops or PCs, including smartphones or tablets. 

The Benefits of Desktop as a Service 

As previously mentioned, there are many benefits associated with utilizing a DaaS model for many businesses. One key example of Desktop as a Service in action was the ability for employees to continue working from home during the pandemic without losing access to their important files and applications since they were no longer working directly with the computer at their office. While perhaps the most notable example of DaaS in action, the benefits extend far beyond this one scenario. 

Working with a cloud provider to implement Desktop as a Service often relieves unnecessary strain on aging, internal IT infrastructures. Simply put, when you partner with a cloud provider, you can take advantage of the latest hardware and ensure that memory resources can handle the load that is required to maintain efficiency and reliability – no matter where users may be accessing their applications and files from.  

Perhaps the most important benefit of a DaaS model for organizations is the ability to limit the costs required to buy and operate network infrastructure or an internal data center. With Desktop as a Service, most providers will offer a pay-as-you-go model or annual pricing options that enable users to be removed or added easily without minimal investment. Additionally, sensitive data remains safe – even if a laptop or other device is stolen.  

How Can Excipio Consulting Help?

Determining whether or not a DaaS model is the right fit for your organization can be intimidating; however, the benefits are immense. Working with a team of expert IT consultants can help determine what additional services may be needed to provide the best service possible to internal parties or external parties that the organization may serve. If you are interested in learning more about Excipio Consulting’s services, please call our corporate office at (918) 357-5507.