Migrating You Data to the Cloud

Although the process can be a little overwhelming, remaining competitive as a business often requires modern solutions, and this includes the data center. The cloud market continues to expand, with some of the world’s largest companies adopting their own private versions. Early adopters are migrating their data centers to the cloud and reaping the benefits. But what options are currently available for businesses considering this transformation?

One of the most common and popular versions of cloud, public cloud service services are available through 3rd party providers. The most notable providers in this space include Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. With a public cloud, businesses obtain computing services based on the bandwidth and compute resources consumed. Think of this as your electrical bill, where you pay by the kilowatt-hours consumed.

Another cloud strategy is hybrid cloud services. In this environment, both public cloud resources and on-site resources are utilized to split workloads, placing applications in either environment based on business needs. For example, sensitive data may continue to be stored on-site, while less critical is migrated to the cloud.

If you are interested in creating a cloud strategy, there has never been a better time to start. Not only can organizations increase operational efficiency, but many clients see reduced costs by moving to the cloud. Ready to get stared? The team at Excipio is here to help make sense of the process.

How Can Excipio Help?

Excipio is vendor, product, and platform-neutral, which allows our clients to rest assured we offer a completely unbiased analysis of their environment. We take pride in being out client’s best ally and trusted advisor. Out primary goal is to provide the analysis and options for clients to make informed decisions about their IT environment. For more than a decade, Excipio’s clients include a variety of Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and vertical market industries.

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