New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – What is the State of Your Team?

When most new CIOs start a position with a new organization, they often fail to review the current state of their IT team. As a CIO, one of the core duties you will have is managing other team members and the performance you give at this can quickly determine your success or failure in a position. For this reason, one of your initial 30-day goals should be evaluating your current team, restructuring as needed to create more cohesive workgroups, and overcoming new challenges that may occur.

If a CIO walks into a great environment, which often isn’t likely, the existing team will already know his or her designated purpose and how they are meant to contribute to the overall goals of the team and organization. One other sign of a great team is the ability of members to understand their own weaknesses and the ability to rely on other team members that may be better suited for the task. All of these factors help improve overall trust and interdependence to establish a strong work environment.

With these signals in mind, a CIO should be able to accurately assess the current state of the team and objectively determine their potential both individually and as a group. Knowing the experience level and commitment of the team early can help assess risks or problems that may need adjusted quickly to benefit the organization and improve productivity or morale. While this may seem like a tough spot to be in, the benefits achieved by accurately identifying strengths and weaknesses will be worth the effort.

Although not a fun part of becoming a new CIO, this introspective look is critical for success in any new position in management that might come along. And, while a great practice in the first 30 days, CIOs may even consider auditing their team on a yearly basis to maintain a strong working environment. This could be as easy as individual performance reviews or an annual review of goals on a team-wide basis to determine if they were met.

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