New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals

Once the initial 30 days have been completed in your journey as a new CIO, you should have completed the goals outlined in the previous articles and gained a deep understanding of the organization. While some of your first impressions of the organization may have changed and you may have wished you uncovered certain problems during the job interview, you still need to prepare for the upcoming 30 days.

Between days 30 and 60 there are a few distinct goals that you should be working towards including, defining department priorities, determining a first-line management team, and clarifying the organizational mission to ensure everyone knows its importance. This is a crucial period and you will need to have a clear vision in place that will not only inspire your teams but also provide a plan to help the organization reach any predetermined goals that have been established.

While the first 30 days as a new CIO are typically spent establishing yourself as a new member of the organization and learning more about the technology you have at your disposal, now is the time to start rolling up your sleeves and getting to work to make a real difference within the company you are now a part of. And, although the upcoming days can be challenging, working through them with the right mindset and goals in place can ensure you are primed for the most successful experience possible. The goal of this new CIO starter guide is to help provide the knowledge and insight you need.

We hope you will continue to join us for the upcoming articles in this series as we delve into the next 30-60 day goals a new CIO should keep in mind after their initial month has been completed. Not only will you learn the right strategy to keep the organizational goals on track, but you will also gain valuable insight into what to expect in the coming days. After all, your career as a new CIO has only just begun and there are still challenges ahead of you that will need to be worked through.

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