New CIO Starter Guide: 30-60 Day Goals – Identifying Your First Line Management Team

Much like you would find with any other management position, a CIO must surround himself or herself with a team to deliver on the goals and objectives that have been set. To achieve this, a new CIO will generally need to identify their first-line management team to enable more freedom in the secondary duties they will inevitably have as a member of the C-Suite. But how do you identify the right people for the job?

A new CIO likely won’t have the time to manage each project that they are faced with or, by the same token, deal with approving every change or reviewing each incident. This is where an efficient and reliable first-line management team makes a definite impact. Having a strong team to help ease the burden you have as a CIO can ensure that you aren’t spreading yourself thin or not dedicating yourself 100% to the goals of the organizations. However, identifying this core group of trustworthy individuals within the first 30 to 60 days is critical.

While you will need to assemble this team quickly, you should always leave flexibility among the members to ensure that competency skills gaps that arise can be remedied with the support of another employee. This may take years to have the appropriate team in place and you should always be looking for ways to improve the skills that your first line management team provides. If needed, you may even consider hiring external candidates to ensure that you have the support needed to maintain a positive trend towards the vision of the organization.

With the right team built up around you, you will find that it is much easier to apply yourself as an effective CIO not just in the technology realm but as a valued member of management. However, this doesn’t mean you can completely shirk off the responsibilities that have been placed on you. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to apply yourself to your tasks or issues that need the most attention while allowing your team to put their own skills on display.

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