New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – Who’s Your Boss… Really

As a CIO, there’s a good chance that you already know who your boss is; however, the person you perceive to fulfill that role may not actually be the one that truly evaluates your performance. But the organizational chart isn’t telling you the truth, how do you determine who’s really your boss? In this article, we will explore how you can find that out to ensure you are making the best impact possible before your review arrives.

The true boss of a CIO will likely be heavily influencing the perceived boss that a CIO has.  While you may not see their faces, they could be board members, shareholders or any other influential person that may be linked to your organizational manager. And although these outside influences won’t facilitate your performance review, the impact they have on it could be massive. The perception of your success as a CIO that they have could either open new doors for you or close them just as quickly.

Knowing who these influencers are is critical for your success as a new CIO, making it important to uncover within the first 30 days. Once you know who this person is, you can find out what type of boss they are and the expectations that they will have on you. In some cases, keeping your direct organizational manager happy will be enough while going the extra mile to affect the opinion of other unspoken entities may be required. But you won’t truly know unless you start doing some digging. As you can see, it’s not uncommon for a new CIO to have to appease not only their direct manager but also any other outside influences that may have a stake in his or her position. Since many members of the C-Suite often misunderstand the CIO role, determining whom these “bosses” may be and their vision for your position can help determine the appropriate steps to take after the initial 30 days are completed. Take the time during your initial 30 days to complete this goal and ensure you are making a positive impact on management and the organization as a whole.

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