New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – Who Are Your Allies?

Modern CIOs must know how to create and develop strong relationships across the organization. During the process, you must also determine the individuals present within the organization that are relying on the success of your new position as a CIO for their own advancements or goals. By actively working to establish strong relationships company-wide, you can begin impacting real change at the organizational level. However, to do this, you must ask yourself who your allies are.

While you may want to dig into the technology side of your new position within the first 30 days, a CIO really needs to understand the individual goals of his or her coworkers and the goals of the business as a whole first to get a clearer picture of what is expected of you in this new role. One of the most important reasons for doing so is that a CIO can quickly establish himself or herself as a member of the C-Suite instead of isolating themselves to a technology or server room.

As a management member, a CIO should be actively working to build relationships with not only employees underneath them but also those in other departments. The primary goal of this activity is to ensure that you are a valued and known member of the organization from the very first day you enter the organization as an employee. By finding your allies at the organization early in the process, you will have a support network to help open new opportunities for building relationships and integrating with the company as a whole. From the moment a new CIO walks through the front door, they should begin familiarizing themselves with each department and introducing themselves to the employees they run into. To make the most progress possible within the initial 30 days, a new CIO must be proactive in meeting new people within the organization and making a positive impression. Even if you aren’t establishing long-lasting relationships, you are at least putting forth the effort to make new connections and that won’t go unnoticed.

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