New CIO Starter Guide: Initial 30 Day Goals – What Do They Expect From You?

Although the core facets of a new CIO job may have been outlined in a job description or the interview that followed an application, you may not truly know the reason the role is being filled. Maybe the existing CIO left to retire or move to a different organization or the implementation of a CIO position is entirely new for the company as a whole. With this in mind, you can see why determining the exact reason that a new CIO role exists matters more than you might imagine.

Some organizations hire a new CIO to fix a problem that is present and the C-Suite is unable to address on their own. This could be as simple as struggling to hit their technology goals or observing issues within the tech teams that are already in place. Maybe they just need guidance or maybe there is more to the story than meets the eye and the organization needs someone to take accountability to fix the issues occurring within the technology services department.

Learning what this reason may be in the initial 30 days can help ensure that you better understand the importance of your role and how to benefit the organization better. Determining what is expected of you as a new CIO early is critical for both short and long-term success within a new company. On the off chance you were hired to fix a single, specific issue that is occurring, the role you take on will likely continue to transform over time. Before this is allowed to happen, you need to address the issues that are currently in place and creating your position.

Remember, as a new CIO you have to give an organization what they want before you can give them what they need. Use your skills and complex problem-solving abilities to bring value to the company and address the issues that they are having throughout your initial 30 days. Once completed, you will have more time to address problems that you find on your own, even if the C-Suite is unaware of them, to help benefit the business even more.

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