IT Operations and Data Center Consulting

Enterprise IT Operations

Many organizations need to quickly gain a better understanding of IT operations. We are able to fulfill this need by assessing your organization's entire technology structure.

Data Center LifeCycle Management

We apply our proven EAMM® process to provide you with athorough understanding of your data center's true technical, business, and financial current state.

Disaster Recovery

Excipio helps you identify and rank the critical technology services within your organization. We then develop a strategy to recover from a disaster.

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Case Studies

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The client was faced with significant budget deficits and needed to develop a strategy to address aging technology assets, reduced funding and increased technology failures. Excipio initially started with an overall operations strategy with a focus on potential capabilities and a goal on meeting the reduced funding requirements. Excipio fulfilled multiple functional roles for the client; Operations, Implementation, Financial and Procurement:

Project Benefits:

From this work, Excipio identified there were minimal short-term savings to be had without cutting staff headcount. However, the following benefits were realized with a potential of $40M in savings over 5 years.

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Customer Comments

“Our engagement with Excipio was very positive. Excipio was able to accomplish within 3 years what we as an enterprise could not accomplish on our own over an 8 year span. We found that the expertise of the Excipio staff assisted us in a better understanding of the market, available options in technology, and encouraged us to look at new innovative approaches to our delivery of technology services. The Excipio team not only offered consulting services but also worked alongside our staff implementing the solutions as well as offering training when needed. Excipio went above and beyond to make sure we had overall success as well as realizing needed cost reductions. “

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About Excipio Consulting

Excipio is a business solutions provider that delivers analytical resources and a proven methodology to radically improve technology-related decisions. Since 1999, Excipio’s clients include a variety of Fortune 1,000 enterprises, government agencies, and vertical market industries. Excipio’s proven Economic Analysis Modeling and Methodology (EAMM®) process and toolset provide clients with a comprehensive analysis by which the client can make highly informed technical strategy decisions. EAMM® provides the basis for accurate performance and financial analysis, risk assessment, and solid technical recommendations.

David Hutchison

Senior Partner and Founder

David has more than 25 years of experience in IT and Business consulting, from Fortune 500 down to SMB markets. His experiences as a financial analyst, business analyst, and CIO have brought tremendous value to Excipio’s clients since he has “walked in their shoes”. David founded Excipio as an independent firm, focused on IT to provide effective cost reduction strategies, project based ROI analysis, strategic directional planning, and education to help business leaders understand, right size, and leverage their IT investments for the profitable gain of the business.

Jeff Gilmer

Senior Partner

Jeff is a creative, team oriented professional with more than 30 years of experience in Business and IT related corporations. Jeff’s management skills were utilized to convert a national reseller into a service organization through the development long term outsourcing contracts with Fortune 500 companies..
Jeff is effective in both restoring and building organizations through improved long-term process improvement and implementation of solid scalable methodologies.

Frank Gump

Frank is an experienced senior level director with over 20+ years of IT operational and financial experience focused on IT cost savings, networking and telecommunications. An example of Frank’s success includes serving as project lead for a large, public sector client and completed a current-state analysis of the technology services to understand the total IT related costs. Excipio identified cost optimization strategies that would reduce IT related spending by an estimated 15MM dollars during the FY 2016 budget period.

Donna Shelite

Donna Shelite is a senior level consultant with over 20 years of IT and financial experience in public sector organizations. Her background includes serving as Chief Information Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff, IT Transformation Program Director and Director of Vehicles at the State level.

Rick LiaBraaten

Experienced process consultant focusing on IT Service Management process optimization by assisting clients to address current process issues and establish better governance and audit capabilities. The goal is to create and implement client focused processes, service levels and metrics, improve IT Service operational capabilities to meet increased demand, and optimize the processes to get full value from an ITSM tool.

Tom Luce

Tom is a highly skilled, results-driven Senior Level IT Operations Director with over 30 years of experience in operations analysis, account management, forecasting, vendor relations, acquisitions, managed services, transitional leadership, training and development, process improvements, and strategic planning. Tom achieves financial success, implements cultural accountability within an organization, and lays the foundation for the long-term success, profitability of an organization and overall customer satisfaction.

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